Unique design

The application for the industrial design of the Came-Pocket wallet has been positively received by the European Union Intellectual Property Office and is legally protected in 27 countries belonging to the European Union (including the United Kingdom).



The entire wallet is made of polyester material that allows high-quality printing on the entire surface of the wallet (on the outside and inside).

Thanks to this solution, we can prepare a print pattern individually tailored to the customer's requirements.

Thanks to printing:

- you will create a unique wallet
- you will use company colors and images
- you have the opportunity to present the most important values of the company on the original product.



Mask pocket

A specially designed pocket is lined with an antibacterial material containing silver ions. Thanks to this, bacteria and viruses do not multiply in the pockets, and the mask is safe and always ready for use.

The pocket fits most of the most popular types of hygienic masks, cotton or polyester.

Card pockets

The wallet has two pockets for cards (credit cards, ID cards). Both pockets are secured with the RFID BLOCKER system - a special type of RFID insert minimizes the risk of electronic theft by protecting contactless payment cards against unauthorized reading of the data stored on them.

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Came-pocket - safe wallet for face masks

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